Cylinder Sharpening

Get ready for your season!

We have machinery from world leaders in the industry; Bernhard and Company Limited.

Our team's experience and knowledge along with this high quality new machinery allows us to offer the best cylinder sharpening and bottom blade grinding service to our customers.

What we can do...


Our new precision machines sharpen all popular machinery blades so we can now straight line grind bed knives up to 40” long at any specified angle and have capabilities for reel blade sharpening up to 36” long. We can sharpen cutting equipment for all of the below machines...


Cannot get your equipment to us?

No worries! We can collect and return your equipment!

We have a team of 14 technicians with service vans who can collect your units. We will bring them to our Newport depot to be sharpened or have a full service, whichever package you choose, and then return them to you. Give us a call today for a quote!


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